How to Use Venmo QR code? Scan and Pay with Venmo QR [2022]

How to use Venmo QR code?

It is very easy and simple to use the Venmo QR code. You can use the code through the Venmo QR code sticker or the Venmo QR code card. You can use the Venmo QR code in the following way:

  • Open the Venmo App and go to the Code Scanner.
  • Then bring the camera in front of the “Venmo ME” QR code.
  • The app will scan the QR code and send you to the profile of the individual.

Where can I pay with a Venmo QR code?

How to Use Venmo QR code

You can pay very easily using the Venmo QR code. A variety of stores and shops provide the facility to pay with the Venmo code. To make payments using the Venmo QR Code follow these steps:

  • Open the Venmo App from the Home screen of your Smartphone.
  • Then go to the payments section.
  • Go to the Venmo code scanner.
  • The camera will open.
  • Place the camera in front of the code of the shop or store you want to pay to.
  • The code will be scanned and it will be directed to the owners’ profile.
  • Enter the amount required to pay and make payment.

How to scan Venmo QR code from the text?

To scan the Venmo QR code from text follows these steps:

  • First, save the text on your phone.
  • Copy the text with the help of Google lens from the QR image.
  • Then paste this address into Venmo.

Stores that accept Venmo QR code

The Venmo QR code can be used to pay on various platforms. Various stores have the interface to pay through the Venmo QR code. These Venmo QR code stores have the pages where the code is printed to be used. Some of the top stores that accept the Venmo QR code are Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Macy’s, Dollar General, Starbucks, Zippin, CVS, Amazon, etc.


Where is my Venmo QR Code?

Your Venmo QR Code will be available right next to your Venmo profile photo and can be copied from there. To get the code first you need to open the app and check for the profile section on the top corner of the app. After opening the profile you will be able to see your personalized Venmo QR Code.

How to send someone Venmo link?

A common question asked is “someone sent me a Venmo QR code” and “who accepts Venmo QR code”.   Here we will try to address these queries and guide you on how to send someone your Venmo link. To send someone your Venmo link you can copy your code from your Venmo profile and send it. It works the same way whether you send or receive any Venmo link.

Can I scan Venmo code on mobile phone?

You can scan the code by opening the app and going to the QR scanner and placing the camera above the code. This code will direct you to the profile of the sender of the code.

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