How to transfer money from apple pay to a chime card instantly

One very famous as well useful app that we all know today is the chime app. But with this arises so many questions about this app which is not clear. Because this includes our hard-earned money we are too much worried and take things seriously. Thus this article is for someone who wants to know more about the chime app and everything that it performs from money sending to transferring and how exactly it is done.

Transfer money from apple pay to chime

transfer money from apple pay

How to transfer from apple pay to chime is a big question for many new users today and here we shall discuss the steps. These are the steps that one should follow:

  • Go to the Apple Pay wallet using your device- The Apple pay app is a that application can be used for all sorts of payments and transfers.
  • Tap the Apple Cash Card- Then click on the apple cash card option which is visible
  •  Go to the three dots which denote the more buttons- The three-dot option will lead you to other options that are available there.
  • Tap on Transfer to the bank- Then you need to transfer the amount by clicking on this option.
  • Enter your payment- The payment which you wish to transfer has to be entered here.
  • Tap the Next button- The next button will lead you to the next option that is to be clicked.
  •  Then tap on instant transfer- Then the instant payment will lead you to transfer the amount entered instantly.
  • Tap the Chime Card and then you will get the billing information- tap here to get all the billing-related information’s here. This will resolve all your query regarding the payment.

How to transfer money from chime to apple pay

Next moving to how to transfer apple pay to chime to do so follow these steps:

  • Add your Chime card- Do as the site asks you to. Here you just need to add all the details of your chime card.
  • Then add the payment amount- Add the payment amount that you wish to transfer.
  • Transfer- Finally tap on the transfer option and the payment will get automatically transferred.

How to connect chime to apple pay

These are the steps that you can follow to connect Chime to Apple pay:

  • Add your chime card to apple as mentioned above.
  • Add your card (chime) to the apple pay and this can be done by clicking the card details using the iSight camera. You can do a manual entry as well.
  • Add the credit or debit card.
  • Start transferring.


Can you transfer money from apple pay to chime?

This process can be undertaken and it’s very simple, you just have to wither direct or standard transfer. Also if you are someone who is above the age of 13 then transferring money is undertaken through the instant method. The method is very easy and simple and can be done with just a few steps.

Can you transfer money from chime to apple pay?

Yes, one who is above 18 can transfer money from chime to apple with just a few steps which are very easy and simple. This just takes few steps and it is done.
Well, that was all about the chime app and its usage. We hope that with this article all your queries related to the chime app are over and we have been to great help. Chime app is really useful and one can use it very easily and it’s trustworthy as well.

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