How to pay foodpanda using gcash? Use gcredit in foodpanda [2022]

How to use gcredit in foodpanda? GCash is a mobile wallet that was started by Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. and originated in the Philippines. It has empowered more than 17,000 establishments through GCredit. GCredit is a first-of-a-kind digital credit facility powered by Fuse Lending Inc. that facilitates GCash users to extend their budget. It allows users to pay at many online merchant outlets located all-around the world. Many restaurants at Foodpanda accept the GCash payment method. Foodpanda GCash discount can also be availed by users. 

The GCash credit feature allows users to borrow money from GCash within a certain credit limit to pay for utility bills, goods, services, food orders and much more. This facility is available only to partnering merchants. But for using GCredit, users need to have a healthy GScore which entitles them to earn points that can be further used in the form GCredit.

GCredit is similar to credit cards but is easy to access as it doesn’t require users to submit documents and go through the lengthy and tedious process of applying for a credit card from a bank.

How to pay foodpanda using gcash?

How to pay foodpanda using gcash

You can take help of the below steps to pay with GCash in Foodpanda:

  • First open the Foodpanda app and then order your favourite food from the desired restaurant.
  • Then, when you are checking out, you can choose GCash as the payment method.
  • After this, choose the option of “Place Order.”
  • Upon selecting the above option, users would be redirected to the GCash page.
  • You need to enter your mobile number on this page and then enter the one time password that you will receive on your mobile number.
  • Further you have to provide the MPIN.
  • You will receive a prompt on the app screen to authorize the auto-debit functionality with GCash.
  • Finally you would need to complete the ongoing transaction.

How to remove gcash in foodpanda?

Removing the GCash payment method from the Foodpanda app is easy:

  • Launch the Foodpanda application.
  • From the sidebar menu choose “My Payment Methods.”
  • Finally, remove the GCash payment option from the Foodpanda app.

How to remove payment method in foodpanda?

You can remove any payment method from the Foodpanda app using the above-mentioned steps.

There is no gcash option in foodpanda?

Although some restaurants in the Foodpanda app are accepting GCash, yet many restaurants still don’t accept the GCash payment method. If you see that there is no GCash in Foodpanda app, then you can use your GCash American Express Virtual Pay. You can link your AMEX Virtual Pay or GCash Matercard at the Foodpanda app. For this, you can go to the “My payment methods” located in the sidebar of the Foodpanda app.


Can you pay Foodpanda with GCash?

Yes, you can pay at Foodpanda with GCash.

Can I use GCash for food delivery?

Yes, you can use GCash payment for ordering food deliveries from Foodpanda.

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