NBI Clearance Application Online Eligibility, Requirements

Do you want to apply for NBI clearance? NBI clearance application has just appeared as a piece of paper, but it will tell a lot about your reputation and civil standing in society. As a result, many organizations and employees considered this document a primary and sometimes important requirement.

Earlier, getting the NBI clearance meant waiting for a long time by standing in a long queue. People wait in the queue from morning to afternoon until their turn comes. These days, you do not require to stand in a queue for a long time. NBI has digitally modernized its workflow.

The process can become more efficient and hassle-free, like booking an NBI clearance appointment. If you are ready to start NBI online registration, then read this complete guide and get a clear understanding.

What is NBI clearance in the Philippines?

NBI Clearance Application

As the name suggests, NBI clearance is provided by the Philippines. It is an important document that works like evidence that you are not involved in any criminal case. It is considered a typical requirement when applying for a local or abroad job or even starting your own business.

Who is Eligible for NBI online application?

Any interested candidate who is 18 and more than 18 is eligible to fill out the NBI online application.

What are the Application Requirements?

As we tell you, online booking the NBI application appointment is easier today. Before booking your NBI clearance appointment, you must prepare the requirements below.

1. Any Two valid government IDs

  • Driver license
  • PRC ID
  • Passport
  • PWD ID
  • UMID
  • National ID
  • Senior citizen ID
  • Voter ID or any other valid government ID

2. Barangay certification ( for those who seek a first-time job)

The candidates who seek the job first time are also eligible to get free NBI clearance. They have to present the barangay certificate, which is important proof that they are first-time job seekers and have lived in their residence place for at least 6 months. It is also important that the barangay certificate comes with the oath of the undertaking.

How to Apply for NBI Clearance Application Online?

You should follow all the steps and apply for NBI clearance online.

1. Visit the NBI clearance services website.

2. First, you must choose the preferred language and agree to the given data privacy disclaimer.

3. If you apply for NBI clearance first time, you have to register your new account. Fill right details and confirm your NBI clearance application by putting the OTP sent to the registered email address or phone number.

4. Once you can register, you must log in to your account and fill out the clearance application form.

5. Tap ” save information” and ” apply for clearance.”

6. Select the valid ID Type you are present with during your appointment. Tap on Agree

7. Select the NBI branch by which you want to submit your filled application form

8. Set the preferred appointment time and date. The calendar’s blue boxes indicate the various open slots in the preferred NBI branch.

9. Then choose the payment method. Remember that the NBI clearance cost is around 182 Rs, and the additional service fee is 35Rs.

10.  Cross-check your details and set an appointment schedule

11. Follow all instructions for your selected payment method. Note the reference number because it will need later when you enter a clearance center or pay for the application.

12. Pay the fee for the clearance form. Move to the transactions page to see your application status.

13. Tap on details to review your filled application form

14. Then, you should wait for your appointment date


It works like proof through which the candidates are considered for the job. The NBI clearance shows that the candidate has no pending criminal cases. It is also used by people related to immigration and their Visa requirements.


What is the website for NBI clearance?

The NBI agency designs the NBI clearance website to gather the data of applicants who want to apply for NBI clearance. The website for NBI clearance is https://www.nbiclearance.org/.

Where to pay by online application?

Once you set the schedule for an NBI online application, you have to select the payment method to pay for the application. You can choose any option to pay, like bank over the counter, online bank, ECPay, or pay centre mobile app, according to your convenience.

Does NBI online application expire?

The reference number of the NBI clearance application will pay in 24 hours. Otherwise, your application expires.

Do I need to print my nbi online application?

Printing the application form is not mandatory. You can simply take a screenshot or note down the reference number.


After reading the complete blog, it is concluded that NBI clearance is an important document that proves that you have not been involved in a criminal case. So, to apply for NBI clearance, you should follow the step-by-step process above.

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