How to link Venmo App to PayPal App without bank account?

How to link Venmo to PayPal?

If you want to make paying money and transferring easy and want to link your Venmo to PayPal then you are at the very right place. Today we shall be discussing all the steps that are required to link the Venmo with your PayPal. This method is absolutely easy and can be done in just a few steps. The steps to do so are as follows:-

  • Connect Venmo to your bank account
  • With the latest Venmo app transfer your Venmo money to the bank account
  • Check the PayPal account and make it the correct PayPal account, the updated as well as the latest one
  • Then load your PayPal balance
  • Tap on transfer complete

That’s it as to tap transfer complete your Venmo account gets linked to your Paypal account immediately

How to link Venmo App to PayPal App without bank account?

link Venmo App to PayPal App

This step is, unfortunately, today not possible because PayPal and Venmo are not yet tied up. Thus the intervention of a bank is necessary and when you have a common bank account for both you can easily transfer money. Once both have a bank account attach a transfer from one app to the bank and then add the money to the other app. But without a bank account, this is not possible.

How to link PayPal credit to Venmo?

First, connect to the bank account and transfer the money there next is to check the credited amount, and then pay as you generally do for PayPal. For this, you have to get your bank involved and thus it will be done easily without any problem.

How to transfer Venmo App to PayPal?

Now after so much discussion the question is how to send money from Venmo to PayPal well there are very simple steps to do so. All you need to do is follow these steps that are listed below:-

  • Connect the Venmo app to the bank
  • Using the latest Venmo app transfer all your money to the bank
  • Check the PayPal account as well
  • Then load the PayPal balance
  • The tap on complete transfer

As you tap on complete transfer your work will be done. You now can easily transfer money from Venmo to PayPal within seconds.


How do you link Venmo to PayPal?

To link Venmo to PayPal all you need to do is first update the Venmo app and then transfer the entire money to the bank account. After that check the PayPal account that you want to transfer the money to and then add all the money in there. After you tap on transfer completion your money will be successfully transferred to PayPal. This follows a very easy step and as you follow these steps your account will be linked immediately.

Is there any way to link Venmo app and PayPal?

To link your Venmo to the PayPal all you need to do is have a common bank account. Through this bank account, you can add and transfer money.

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