How to get money off a cash app without a card?

  • How to get money off a cash app without a card?

Cash app is a peer-to-peer online money transfer platform where you can send, receive or take out cash. All you need is your mobile phone for online banking.

The major plus point with cash up is that you don’t have to wait in long queues outside banks just to withdraw a little cash. Therefore you can save both time and money (transportation costs) by using a cash app.

If your concern is to take off money from a cash app without using a card, this write-up is gonna help you for sure! We have also covered a few questions related to cash withdrawal from Cash App.

As of now, casual has not allowed its users to withdraw cash without a card. Hence you have to have a cash card in order to take out money from your bank account.

However, you can still do it with an indirect method.

How to get money off cash app without a card?

get money off Cash App
  • Open Cash App on your phone. If you don’t have it download it from Apple or Google Play Store.
  • Find out the $ sign or My Cash in the middle of the screen. Click on it.
  • There you will find the Cash Out tab below the Total Cash App Balance.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your bank account.
  • Once entered, re-check it.
  • Now tap on the Cash Out button again.
  • A pop-up screen appears asking to select the deposit speed.

As for the chosen speed then what will be transferred to your linked bank account immediately or within the specified time. If for some reason you have not received the amount contact cash app support.

Go for a standard deposit speed that you don’t have to pay extra charges. Nonetheless, if you are in urgent need of money then you can choose instant deposit and withdraw instant money by paying extra charges. After you have received the amount, you can use your debit card and go to an ATM and withdraw your required amount.

Note that instant transfer will settle the amount within 30 minutes while standard deposit takes three business days to display the amount in your account.

The card you are using here is not a cash app card but a regular debit card.

What are the charges for ATM withdrawal by cash app?

You have to pay $2 every time you withdraw money from an ATM using a cash app account. Nevertheless, cash app returns back the money when your account receives $300 in direct deposits every month.

If your cash app account has $300 or more as a direct deposit then you can enjoy free ATM withdrawal for at least 31 days.

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