How to delete gcash transaction history | Remove Payment History

Everyone uses the gcash app and we all know how easily we can use it. The gcash app is very friendly and easy to use but often we require availing our privacy. There are situations when more than two people are using the gcash app is being used by more than two-person.

But we do not want any third party to know about the amount or the reason why we transferred the money. Thus the only solution is to remove or delete the history. So how to do so?? Well, the steps are really simple and easy and one can do this in just a few steps. Let us see what the steps are:

How to delete gcash transaction history?

delete gcash transaction history
  • Open your gcash app
  • Go to transaction history
  • Tap on the history that you want to delete
  • Go to  “ delete history transaction”
  • Tap ok

These are the simple and easy steps that will help you to delete the gcash transaction history. As you complete the above mention steps this will delete all that you wanted and further also no one will come o know that such an activity has taken place. Without any fear and any third parties knowledge this activity can be followed.

How to remove transaction history in gcash?

To remove transaction history from gcash there are a few very simples that need to be fulfilled and the process will be done.  So what are the steps, the steps are to open the app and go to the transaction history and further one needs to go to the history section and delete it?

Finally when you tap on ok and confirm the process will take place. Also, this will be done without the knowledge of any third party and the process is very simple and easy as well.

Gcash has another way to remove transaction history and that is to delete the gcash account permanently. For this you need to open the app and go to the account further you need to mobile on to permanently delete the account and confirm it.

Once this is done your account will be permanently deleted along with your gcash history. To again use gcash all you need to do is install it and re-register it in a whole new way.

With this, the gcash history will be removed and no one will have access to your transactions and the history.

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